Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It is one of the world’s most famous countries in tourism and services. There are many beautiful tourist attractions in every region of the country with ancient and beautiful cultures.

Thailand is also a country that is rich in natural resources. Most of the areas are still agricultural areas for farming, gardening, planting, livestock, and processing industry. We are abundant in food and crops including rice, vegetables, fruits, spices, processed food, seafood, meat, and much more. Not surprisingly, in the past, Thailand has never had a shortage of food and there are also many products for export to all over the world.

Thailand is also outstanding and famous for raw and processed herbal products, whether it is spa products or incense, nourishment products, with valuable medicinal plants. In addition, there are also handicraft products, OTOP products, jewelry, finely crafted silverware, and products from Thai silk with exquisite beauty and uniqueness to receive interest and admiration from people all over the world.

At present, although the growth rate of Thailand’s export industry has continued to grow, there are still many more interesting products pending for export and they are not well-known yet. We believe that Thailand is still a country with a variety of products of high quality and interesting value, ready to be exported to you and people around the world.