Gems and jewelry are among the top 15 most exported Thai products. Who are the big customers? Let’s get to know the jewelry market and its impact on the economy in this article.

In 2020, gem and jewelry products will have a total export value of 578,941.7 million baht, ranking third after “cars, equipment, and components” and “computer equipment and components.”

The value of exports in 2020 will account for 7.90% of all export products and has an expansion rate of 16.61% for 2019.

According to the figures from the Ministry of Commerce for 2020, the top 3 countries that buy jewelry from Thailand are

Rank 1: Switzerland It accounts for about 38% of exports.

Rank 2: Singapore, with a proportion of about 22% of exports

Rank 3: Hong Kong has an export proportion of about 10% of the total export value of this group of products.