Overview of the fragrance market both domestically and internationally

An overview of the aromatherapy market is an important thing that people who want to do the aromatherapy business should know. Because if you want to expand the brand and export products, it can be carefully planned. In what direction will the overview of the domestic and international incense markets go? Let’s see!

Aromatherapy market in Thailand

In the past year 2021, Thai people have increased their interest in incense. For example, from the Think with Google website, 78% of Thais searched for “scented candles” and searched for similar information such as “how to make scented candles”, “scented candle making equipment” and “making scented candles”. Sale” up to 325%. More than that, Thai fragrance brands are recognized and known internationally, such as PAPURI, KARMAKAMET, and THANN.

International fragrance market

The UK is considered the largest market for scented candles in Europe. Because British people buy scented candles worth 90 million pounds a year. To decorate the house and workplace, including the importance of the aroma of scented candles that help relax. At present, the scented candle market still places importance on health. To meet customer needs, many brands avoid using ingredients that are harmful to consumers. As a result, the market for scented candles grew.

The overview of the fragrance market both domestically and internationally that MEDICOS has given an example of above shows that are promising. If you want to do a fragrance business, it is a good investment option. However, you should constantly study and update the market information for the fragrance business as well.