The Office of Knowledge Management and Development (Public Organization), or S.P.O., reveals research results on trends in demand for OTOP products in the domestic and international markets. For the first time in Thailand, three rising star product groups with the highest demand in the international market were found as follows:

1. Processed food and beverage product group, with Germany and the United States having the highest demand for products In the past period, Germany had sales as high as 169,791 million euros, and there is a trend of additional growth of 0.77 percent in 5 years, while the United States has sales as high as 748,712 million US dollars and has a tendency to grow further by 2.18 percent in 5 years.

2. Group of items, decorations, and souvenirs: Japan has the highest demand for products. Its sales in the past have reached 9,066 million yen and are likely to grow further by 0.68 percent in the next 5 years.

3. Fabric, clothing, and accessories group Singapore has the highest demand, with recent sales reaching $8,577 million, and has a tendency to grow further by 2.28 percent in 5 years. At present, OTOP products have sales totaling all product groups. Up to approximately 80,000 million baht per year, both domestically and abroad.

This is from the country’s export situation which experienced a negative 6% in the first two months of this year. If OTOP entrepreneurs are able to develop products that meet the needs of the target market, they will be able to help improve this situation.