“Thai herbs” are considered one of the most valuable things. Because no matter how many eras, the reputation of Thai herbs has always been famous. Because of the properties and benefits of Thai herbs that are of infinite value. Therefore, no matter what era, people still know about Thai herbs. The reputation of Thai herbs is not only evident among Thai people like us, but foreigners who have studied the medicinal properties of Thai herbs are equally interested in good herbs. From China ever.

4 properties and benefits of Thai herbs

  1. Benefits of Thai herbs extracted into essential oils are well known. Thai herbs often have a strong odor, or they might smell a bit pungent when fresh due to the essential oils they contain. However, the ingenuity of Thai people allows them to harness this property of Thai herbs by extracting essential oils from them. These oils retain the distinctive Thai scent but in a milder form compared to the fresh herbs. Nowadays, we find various products containing essential oils of Thai herbs, such as citronella oil, phlai oil, kaffir lime shampoo, as well as various types of cosmetics, nourishing creams or gels, and insect repellents.
  2. The benefits of Thai herbs extend beyond their fragrant scent; they hold considerable value as oral medicine for treating various diseases. Thai herbs themselves are highly valuable. One cannot overlook their role as oral medicine for treating a range of ailments. Historically, people commonly cultivated vegetables and herbs for consumption and household use. Hence, they served as readily available and cost-effective remedies, obviating the need for purchasing medicine.
  3. In addition to their oral medicinal uses, Thai herbs also offer benefits as external medicines. Whether it’s for small wounds or itchy skin, Thai herbs can provide relief. Certain Thai herbs possess cooling properties, making them effective in healing wounds and reducing inflammation.
  4. The benefits of Thai herbs extend to making healthy foods and drinks. While it’s common knowledge that herbs are edible, their strong smell and bitter, astringent taste may deter many people from consuming them. Despite their numerous health benefits, some individuals are reluctant to eat them. However, by extracting or processing them into various products, it becomes easier for us to incorporate Thai herbs into our diets.